Monday, February 9, 2009

Things you will find strange here.....

Was thinking today about India and how we take certain things for granted there.....sounds absurd...but true, about things that are done differently here in Canada.

For example:

1) When I was in far as I know, I could use my visa card anywhere, and if not that (never came across a store that didn't) they would def take a mastercard.

Here, there are huge stores like Oceans, No Frills and similar stores..that don't take visa, or even a credit card!! You have to pay cash or by debit. I am talking about a supermarket six times the size of a Foodworld. Most stores do not take American Express.

Many stores here have their own cards and tie ups with banks for this service. You get points and discounts when you use these cards to buy things from these stores. The downside to this is that you end up with dozens of cards in your wallet/purse which you have to carry with you everywhere!

2) At the store No Frills and a couple of have to tell them approximately how many bags you will be needing to carry your groceries home. For each bag, you pay 5cents. There are many people who bring their own bags, own cardboard box or some who don't bother and just put all the groceries loosely in the cart and then put it the same way into the trunk of the car. Then imagine at home, carrying everything into the house. (common sight here!)

This is done to prevent the damage done to the environment with all plastic bags once they are thrown away, which is a good thing I guess. Many stores gave away free cloth bags last year, hoping customers would reuse the same bags which also had advertising on them. But this didn't work.

3) You have to pump your own gas here and pay for it at the pump (card) or inside the store in every gas station where you can pay cash too. All the gas stations come with clear instructions as to how to pay for the gas, what kind of gas and the prices. Remember, don't move your car before you pay....this is considered a criminal offence.

These were just some things I thought of today! I'll post more as I come across more instances like these.

Have a nice week!



Hashir Tufail said...

The idea of paying for the plastic bags sounds good - and should really be implemented here in India also.
Am not sure about the idea of filling petrol on your own though - who wants to see a mad chase in already maddening traffic here in Hyderabad
Nice post. Gives a great insight to a different culture from an Indian's point of view. Keep it up.

Smi said...

yeah I know..been thru it ...No frills just sucks..a word of caution dont get the golden temple atta or rice from nofrills for heavens sake..
u can use the plastic bags as garbage bags...

and u know what ..we used to put a 2$ tag for throwing garbage every Tuesday