Saturday, February 14, 2009


One holiday that you may have never heard of.....I didn't until we came FAMILY DAY.

This falls on the third Monday of February, and was started just last year, 2008.

The goverment of 2007, in October that year declared the holiday and the write up that was printed in the local paper the next day said:

"Premier Dalton McGuinty got back to work today on behalf of hard-working Ontario families by confirming that he would create a new statutory holiday this February called Family Day.
"There is nothing more valuable to families than time together. And yet it seems tougher than ever to find, with so many of us living such busy lives," McGuinty said.
"That's why, on the third Monday of this coming February — and every February from now on — Ontarians deserve a new statutory holiday — Family Day."

So, this means: Yea...we have a long weekend!

Schools, banks, offices and any place where parents could be working are closed. Well, except gas stations, stores and eating places. Also, the Zoo, museums, theaters and other family friendly places are not only open, but have reduced their tickets for Monday and/or allowing kids free!!

Infact, when I went to school to pick up my daughter on Friday.....the question on everyones mind was what they were going to do for Family Day. Some said, we're taking the time to visit the temple and then go to Niagara falls. Others are going for a movie..or some place new to eat. But the key word is 'family' and spending time with your parents/kids/siblings/ whomever....

For those who don't have families or don't like the ones they have:) can always drive out to the U.S just across the border and take advantage of the Presidents Day sales going on there...for the U.S holiday that is also on Monday!

So, HAPPY FAMILY DAY...........

Oh..We are going for our first ice hockey game on Monday.....Mississauga St. Michael’s MajorsVS Brampton Battalion at the Hershey Center in Mississauga.

Will let you know the details on that on Tuesday........if we get tickets that is!!

Have a good weekend wherever you are!

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