Sunday, February 8, 2009

Samsung dvd and our adventure trying to repair it...Canadian style!

When we moved into our new home last August, even before buying chairs to sit on...the first thing we bought was a t.v....and because we got a good deal...we picked up the home theatre system as well. Samsung...good brand, Best Buy..good store in Canada to buy any electronics.

Well, six months later..and our dvd player decided to start making funny noises and play a movie for the first two minutes before freezing. (Thus prompting us to eject the dvd, play it again, fast forward, skip ....anything to try to get it to work....but nothing!)

So, we find the invoice and drive all the way (okay, it took just fifteen minutes) to the store to get the player repaired.

They look at the invoice and say that the after purchase service that we paid a little extra for only covers the t. v and not the home theatre. Okay..what now?

Then they tell us that because it is a samsung, that the samsung people want to repair the player directly so that they will know what went wrong and try to make sure it doesn't happen in the future to other players. They give us an address for the Samsung service center and because it is just another twenty minute drive away..we decide to go there.

We reach this huge building, recheck the address..yes, we are at the right place...but we don't see any cars, or any signs saying Samsung..anything! So we call the number that they gave us..and after five minutes of pressing phone button options..we get an actual human on the line and he informs us that....get this.........they are not authorized to take the player directly from the customer, so the customer has to POST the dvd player to them by mail!!

This sounded so absurd to us at first, but then we realized that this is how things are done here more or less. Different companines..doing things their way...which may not mean customer friendly at all! Once we 'post' our player to them, it will take two to three weeks for them to fix it and get it back to us..or replace it with a new one.

We came back home laughing to ourselves.....yes, this is one more thing that would have been easier to do in India.

Will keep you posted (sorry for the pun) and let you know what happens to our player......

First we have to scan our invoice and fax or email it to a person at the Samsung service center. Then he will email us back how to post it..yes, Samsung does pay for the postage..and how to go about sending the player in.

Until next time....



j k said...

Well, i suppose samsung with all the brand name and hype has problems with the product and i guess its not a one off incident. Even my samsung TV gives me distorted picture. The funny part is, it worked perfectly alright till its warranty expired. Now i guess i have to flush out the services charges and charges for the parts, if needed by myself. Quite a contradiction of their himlayan claim, being the best in business

j k said...

well if its your samsung DVD. Then its my samsung TV. The fun is it worked very efficiently until its warranty period got expired. Now i have to flush out the service charges and for parts, if need be, from my pocket. Even i bought the TV for a good deal. But alas! it turning out to be worst. The TV is giving me distorted picture all the time. Hope samsung is listening!!! ha ha