Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The King, more snow and Raccoons....

Well, not the King..but Obama. You would think it was some kind of royalty though, with all the hullabaloo going on here for the past ten days or so about Obama's impending visit. Families that reside near Parliament house, have been told to not come out onto their fire escape, roof or open windows while Obama is in town!

Security has never been this tight for anyone, and this mornings paper had some interesting articles mainly reminding Canadians that it is the American president that is coming to town and therefore his agenda will have what is best for America and not Canada. Most Canadians think he is coming here to better the Canadian economy, and many papers today put that into perspective. GM closing in America, means that it will close in Canada too. This means thousands of jobs on the yes, to the average Canadian, what happens in America is very intertwined into the lives of what happens in Canada.

The Prime Minister here, Stephen Harper is also a young politician with two young children, and the general feeling here is that he should get along with Obama with so much in common. Obama is coming here with the main agenda of getting Canadian backing for more troops in Afghanistan, and to see how better these two countries can share in trade and information.

Another day of snow and much for the clear roads!

We saw raccoon footprints outside our garage today. Being garbage day, it probably could smell the food in the trash and was scouting around. Raccoons can be vicious and really dangerous when trapped.
This is a North American Raccoon...very common here. They can stand on their hind legs and hold things with their front paws. Raccoon's are also very intelligent and can open standard trash cans! They are a little bigger than cats and are nocturnal.

Will write a post on the different kinds of animals found here and not elsewhere.

Until next time.........have a good week!

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