Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Forbidden Phoenix - Musical Play

This morning we woke up to a glorious minus six degree morning.....with the sun shining and all the snow and ice finally melted from the roads. As family day was on Monday, this mornings newspaper was full of fun events for the entire family of things happening in and around Toronto for the long weekend.

We went through the list and saw that there was a fun musical and acrobatic play in Toronto, and tickets were still available for today! So we quickly got ready and drove the forty minutes to downtown Toronto, found parking and made our way to the 'Lorraine Kimsa theatre for Young People'.

The Forbidden Phoenix, the name of the play, had opened on Thursday and was being presented by LKTYP in partnership with Edmonton's Citadel Theatre.

We bought out tickets...$15 for kids and $20 for adults was the listed price, but once there they said they will accept any 'donation' for the tickets. You didn't have to pay the listed price and could pay what you felt like. We picked up our four tickets and headed into the theatre.

It was a small theatre...which seated about two hundred people at the most..and we got seats right in the front row!!

The play started bang on time...after the mandatory announcement to turn off cell phones and no cameras. (So, sorry....I have no pictures to upload here!) There was plenty of singing, acrobatics and interesting of the main actresses had her leg in a cast and was carried about the stage or used crutches for her scenes....which was something unusual to see. I guess they did not have a stand in.

There was a fifteen minutes interval and the play ended before four pm. Overall it was enjoyable and the kids loved the acrobatics and the sound affects with all the smoke machines and strobe lights.

We had a late lunch and drove back home.......and now I am writing about it here in my post!

If you do come here to Toronto, just do a google search on 'theatres in Ontario' and you will get several lists of plays going on at that time with all the ticket details and timings.

Until my next post.....see you!

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