Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Mountain and the road that took us there.

Yesterday, around 1pm, we decided at the spur of the moment to take a drive and see the Blue Mountains. These mountains, are basically a ski resort and winter chalet vacation spot, about 130 miles from where we live.

The drive took us about two hours..........straight roads most of the way...and an easy enough drive. You don't really reach any specific moment during the drive, where you say, 'Oh look, there are the mountains.' The climbs are so low key, that you get there without realising it.

The ski resort we went to (Club Intrawest vacation Homes), happens to be one of the resorts where you can book rooms only if you have a club membership like RCI. (In India you get automatic membership into RCI when you become a member of Club Mahindra). RCI - Resorts and Condominiums International

We found out that to stay there we would have to call the 1-800 number of RCI to make a booking. This is something we're planning to do in March when some of my cousins who live in Dubai are coming in for a week.

We also found out that they have hourly ski lessons at the slopes, over 300 ski instructors during the winter season, and also rentals for ski's and ski boots. They also have different rate packages for using the ski lift to go to the top of the slope.

On our way back, my husband told me to drive. Since I got my license here just a few months ago, I was still not driving on the highway. So, getting behind the wheel, I drove the 130 miles back was great! The roads were straight, but went up and down in some places like a roller coaster. That is Hurontario street..the main highway to Collingwood from Brampton. What you see is just a few miles, but imagine miles and miles of the same road. It is a beautiful sight during the sunset!

Will keep you posted on our trip there in March and more details as to which are the best places to stay and what kind of things you can do there.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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