Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Toronto 2014 Airshow as part of the CNE

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is Canada's largest annual community event.  

This year we went for the CNE for the first time since we've been here. Mostly because most Summers we've been away on vacation or something or the other came up and we always had an excuse not to go. This year, we were invited by a friend, who owns a boat, to join him in visiting the CNE and watching the airshow. 

The CNE is currently one of the 10 largest fairs in North America, and its audience truly reflects the diversity of Toronto and the region.  In 2014, the CNE attracted 1.43 million visitors over the 18 days of the fair.

The fair itself consists of a mix of pavilions, exhibits, shows, concerts, a working farm, horse show, casino, and a large carnival midway with rides, games and food. The food pavilion is un-believably huge with every cuisine and plenty of choice.

The CNE normally runs from the middle of August every year to the first week of September. The last weekend is the Airshow as well as a variety of daily live performances such as musical acts, dancers, comedy shows, and even magic shows.

 A zip line ride was introduced during the 2013 CNE.

After spending half the day walking around, playing games at the booths, buying things from really cheap nail polish and jewellery to clothes (the retail booth is pretty impressive with really good deals), and eating, we headed out to our friends boat to watch the airshow. After the show we went for a boat ride around Lake Ontario and saw Toronto City
from the water side.

Here are some pictures:

Wonderful day..and a taste of some of the things that happen in this wonderful city.

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