Thursday, July 31, 2008

We've got our house!!

We signed the lease for the house that we liked yesterday and today will be doing some basic shopping for things like bedding etc so that we can move in by tomorrow.

Before signing the lease, and after we saw the house and liked it, we first did a search to see what schools our kids will be going to. We did a search on the schools, went to see them (our kids will be going to different schools because of their ages), and read reviews on some web sites about the schools. Since the location of the house was good, the schools were good and the house also had just about everything we wanted.....we went ahead and signed the lease.

The standard practice here is first and last months rent, plus ten months post dated cheques. They will look at your credit report and then agree to signing the lease.

The lease terms are clear and you can speak to the owners of any doubts you may have openly. People here are friendly and patient.

Well............on to the shopping!!

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