Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our search for a home....and investing in a GPS System

The screen of a GPS device

Okay, now that we are here....staying with some really generous enough friends who have invited us to stay with them until we find a home.....we decided to start our search today.

First: Before you drive out anywhere, invest in a good GPS (Global Positioning System). This is a little device, (for those who don't know) that will help you get anywhere with directions, (voice enabled) instead of hunting for places while holding a map and trying to drive at the same time.

The GPS will ask you where you want to go, you type in the address and it will immediately tell you how far it is, what time you will reach there, if you want to take the highway or not and different options. Google it and learn more about what kind of device is best for you.

Advice: The GPS system is something you must invest in if you are planning on driving around yourself. I advice you to pick one up when you rent or buy your car.

On to the house hunting:

We got in touch with a couple of real estate agents, both Indian, since they seem to understand an Indian families needs. Right down to a home with more than one bathroom! We also got some of the local newspapers, like the Toronto Star and the Brampton Guardian to look at the rental ads.

We narrowed down a list of ten homes to two today, and saw them this evening. Well, both were a definite thumbs down. The first was small and had such garish carpeting and walls, we knew we couldn't wake up to those horrible colors every morning. The second was in four different levels, and we would be spending all day walking up stairs and down stairs.

Tomorrow is of rest! Monday we're seeing a few more houses. Hope at least one of them is nice!

Pizza Pizza for dinner today.


Renie said...

Good luck for Monday! :-)

Nal said...

Thanks Renie.....