Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Buying a car.

You would think that buying a car is complicated, confusing and time consuming. Well, you are right!!

We went to the Toyota and the Honda showroom yesterday. After spending over an hour in each of them, I learned that:

The salesman wants to sell you a car. Preferably the one that is still in the back lot because someone decided that green tea was a nice color for a family car. So watch out for the smooth talking that goes in between all the smooth talking.

Actually their sales people are really nice, well informed and helpful.

What is great is that they have wonderful installment plans where you can take up to even 60 months to pay at very reduced interest rates, and pay chunks whenever you can which gets reduced from the principle. They may also throw in a 1000 dollars of gas, or if you don't want this option ask them to reduce the 1k from the price.

So look around, and when you find something you like, remember to take insurance. This can be done by your bank or insurance company.

The kids loved the showrooms, especially the giant trucks and the convertibles. The places are child friendly, so take them along to help you choose a color. Tea green??? Okay, maybe not.

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Dr. Mamta Yerra said...

Hmm..'ll think about and read ur blog once more while buying one for me...may be 3-4 months down