Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Furniture and no delivery!

We just did the rounds of furniture stores and checked prices and quality of beds, dining tables and sofas. All stores offer discounts and sales, but you need to check for hidden costs. For example, one sofa could be 200 dollars and another 300. But the 200 dollar store may charge 100 for delivery and the other delivery may be free. So at the end, both actually cost 300 dollars anyway. They also add tax for everything, so prices may go up by 40 to 50 dollars at the end of billing.

Many stores do not deliver. So what happens when you get a really good deal on mattresses and furniture at a store that won't deliver? You hire a U-haul. This is a company that rents vans in all sizes, that come with a ramp in the back for carrying furniture etc in and out easily. They cost about 20 dollars per day, and if you have a license you can drive one. Get a friend or family member to come with you to help. The furniture here is mostly light and can be carried by two people. The store employees will also help in putting the furniture into the truck for you.

Once at home, in case something does not fit through your door, see if the legs of the item comes off. Normally they just screw off and you can put them back on easily once you get the piece of furniture into the house. In many homes, you can also remove the sliding back door easily to get the furniture in through the back.

We did this yesterday, bought some sofas and some bedroom furniture, U-hauled it back to our house with a friends help and managed to get everything inside.

Tomorrow, we're getting our home phone line, t.v connection and internet.

Is anyone reading this?? Pls let me know.............thanks!


david said...

yeah nalini

Anitha Bennett said...

Dear akka...been reading every one of ur entries..they rock! Full of information...and plenty to glean from...btw...I am sure u will miss India when it came to the "Delivery and Setting up" part!

VV said...

Yup. I did read yours. Looks like you are having interesting times.

Al said...

You have readers! I came to Toronto almost 50 years ago from London, England. It's great to read your fresh perspective on the culture I've come to call home.