Sunday, August 31, 2008

'E' is for Elephant

Since school starts for the kids on Tuesday, we decided to do something that they wanted to do this weekend. After discussing some options, it was off to the famous Toronto Zoo.

The zoo was a 60km drive from our home, and we took about 45 minutes to get there. The Toronto Zoo is one of the worlds best kept Zoos, with the animals kept in very environment friendly enclosures. They have a special Childrens mini zoo inside, with sandpits, climbing rocks, caves and a tree house for kids to play in. Also, some animals are allowed to be petted and fed.

If you are planning a visit to the Zoo, keep about three hours minimum for seeing as much as possible in this time. You can easily spend the whole day there, if the weather is good. The day we went, it was very hot, and so the three hours we spent walking around was pretty tiring.

The tickets cost is 20$ for adults, 12$ for kids below 12 and free for below age 3. This is for a one time visit. They charge 7$ per head if you want to go around the zoo in the mobile ride. (Recommended if you have very young, or elderly in your group) They also charge 3$ per head if you want to visit the Stingray bay, where you can touch and feed them. There are many restaurants, washrooms, water fountains, icecream and cold drink counters and rest areas.

Once you go inside, you get a map of the entire zoo and where all the animals are located.

One good option, is if you live here, and will go to the zoo more than once a year....because they have different animals on display and themed events happening all year round, take a one year membership. This costs about 130$ for one year, for two parents and upto four children free admission however many times you visit the zoo. Free zoo mobile rides, 10% discount at the gift shops etc.

You can also go inside to see everything the first time by paying for individual tickets, then convert the difference at the membership desk inside. We opted for this, to see first how the zoo was and if was a place we would visit again. It turned out to be amazing! They also have a nice water park inside, where many families brought their swim wear and had fun in the water.

My kids (age 11 and 7) loved the elephants, giraffes, tigers and lions. My daughter (7) loved the tree house, and the caves that the kids could crawl into. There were too many things to see and do , so we left the zoo halfway and we will go again later to see the rest.

It was hot, so we carried sun screen. That is something you will have to get used to putting on here. The summer sun is really harsh and you can really feel your skin burn! Wear sun glasses, hats and take an umbrella and plenty of water.

One more title, E if for Elephant? That is where our car was parked! They charge 8$ to park the car, and the parking lot is so huge that after you park just look around for a sign with an alphabet and an aninal picture that is closest to you. You may be in A for alligator, B for bear etc. When you come back later, you can then locate your car easily. We were parked in 'E'.

Will write about Niagara falls in the next post. My In-laws are visiting for a week and we are taking them to see the falls on Monday.

Anyone planning on moving to Cananda in the near future? The best time to come in is before November. It starts to get really cold by end October.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures!

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Beni said...

The parking lot naming is pretty cool. Seems like a way to educate kinder garten kids as well.