Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting used to things here....

First ..a big Thanks to all of you who are actually spending some valuable online time reading my blog!! Thanks for your comments and those who are writing to me......good luck to all of you who are planning to move this way!

Sorry for the break in writing...the past three days or so, we have been busy...but not really busy in the work sense, busy in the mundane sense. We have been mowing the lawn, (yes, your neighbors can complain to the authorities if your lawn is an eye sore), vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the bathrooms...and yes that includes the toilets!, and sweeping and mopping the kitchen and hall floors. Don't forget, I came from a life of maids and a driver back in India.

I have also been studying the 'Drivers Handbook of Rules' for my drivers test next week. This is a written test, done at the test center whenever you are comfortable enough to take it. Even if you have been driving in India for the rules before attempting this test! They actually follow them here..............

You have to know the road signs, speed limits and rules for passing, changing lanes and taking turns. You may think you know this already, but don't be over confident. Most people from India, fail this test, then study and do it over.

Here, being a pedestrian has its advantages......people driving cars actually have to stop and let you cross...provided you are crossing where it is legal. So you don't end up standing on the side of the road and having to make a mad dash for the other side when you see a gap. (Something many of us from India are used to doing.....but then that is the masala and spice that we all love, right??)

The other side of the coin is that because they are so organised here and people (in general) follow the rules, driving can be a bit boring at times...and you stop being alert, which is not safe. The other day, a guy on a bike sped through the red stop sign just when we were taking a left turn across the lane he was driving on. So, in a way, it is hard to stay alert when most of the time, nothing is happening for you to be alert for...............hope you can understand what I'm trying to say.

After next week, if and when I get through my written test, I will get a G1 license, which will allow me to learn how to drive on actual roads with an instuctor. I'm sure I'll have lots to write about in my blog then!!

Back to studying...........bye for now!

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Anonymous said...

The masala and spice of the suicidal dash across the indian roads is something I can do without!:)
hugs MErry