Friday, October 3, 2008

Four degrees and counting!

I decided to change the color of the font today, to green. This is to match the leaves outside our house. It is officially Autumn and if you drive around our block, just two streets away you will see nothing but orange leaves on the ground. Those trees have already shed their leaves, but the trees on my street are still green and hanging on! Took pictures of it today, and will keep taking pictures as the seasons change so that you can see the cycle that these trees go through.

My daughter who is in third grade was given a Hickory nut the other day and was told to plant it in the backyard. The school is doing a project and trying to see how many Hickory wood trees start to sprout by spring. The students were asked to have a picture taken of them planting the nut, and then take another picture in spring of the sprouted plant. She planted the nut she has a long way to go to wait and see the little plant. For a seven year old,six months is a very long time!

My son left for school early today, and because he was too early for the bus, my husband had to drop him. It is four degrees outside!! So layered in two shirts, a jacket and thick jeans he left for his first Yearbook meeting. All the schools here have a yearbook that is given to the students at the end of the year.It is mainly edited and written by the students, one or two from each class. The yearbook has class photos, and pictures and write ups of all student activities throughout the year. My son is on the Committee this year and this morning was their official first meeting! He was so excited. He also gets a camera during school hours to take pictures to use in the yearbook. Today is also Pizza day in school, so he had to take two dollars for a slice, and an extra dollar for milk.(not compulsory, but when the rest of the class is eating pizza what do you do??)

Our daughter had her field trip today and is spending the day at a Farm Museum. This is a museum where they will show the children about Colonial life and how children lived in the early settlement days. Will hear about her trip this evening and let you know her version of what she saw and experienced. All the children were being taken in buses, and they had to pay fifteen dollars. I guess this covers the admission fee etc. They had to wear boots, take a jacket and a light litter free lunch, with no peanuts. Many children here have life threatening allergies to peanuts. So the schools ask and keep reminding parents not to send any food with even traces of peanuts in them to school. No peanut butter and nutella lunches!!

Yesterday was the Canadian Prime Ministerial candidates debate live on t.v, and at the same time was the Biden-Palin debate from the U.S. This morning we read in the paper that most Canadians watched the U.S debate instead of the Canadian one, because the U.S one was more interesting (interesting in the Masala kind of way...imagine a live debate between Jayalalitha and
) and most Canadians know who they are going to vote for anyway!

The newspapers here also carried on the second page the story about the Temple stampede in India as well as the Goverments ban on public smoking. I guess with such a large Indian population here, they better carry some Indian news!! Yes, newspapers fight for subsciptions here too.......

I am going to update this blog every Friday, so you don't have to curse me everytime you open this blog and see nothing new!

A quick quiz question.......who can answer this.........'What famous Canadian comedian, sent in his resume to a t.v show at the age of ten?'

Check the answer next Friday (or Saturday to everyone in India) on my blog................

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Anitha Bennett said...

Jim Carrey? thot i read this somewhere...

Nal said...

Let me see how many agree with this answer.......and wait until next week to see if you are right!!