Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Day today!

Today is October 14th, the day after Thanksgiving...and also Canada's election day. It has been so low key compared to the U.S election fever, but interesting none the less. Todays 'Toronto Star', our newspaper, had the different parties put up a small writing on their last overall say in why people should vote for them.

Today our lawn is COVERED with half of the leaves from the tree outside, and I guess we have to clean it up. Didn't realise what a mess it makes as well as the eye sore it becomes when all your neighbors clean up their yards and you don't!

Today I met two Ladies, one who is from Tamilnadu originally and has been in Canada for eight years. Her family became Canadian citizens and are voting for the first time. The second lady I met, was an anaesthetist in India but could not practice here because she has to first get a degree from Canada for her license. So she goes twice a week to Toronto from Brampton for her classes and works on the weekends at the cash register in a petrol pump. Her five year old son is dropped by her in the morning in school, and is picked up by another family memeber. It is not easy for many immigrants coming here. She will finish her course and then be eligible to try for a job in the hospitals here.

Our shipment from India should reach Canada today, and I guess reach our house sometime later this week.

Hope things are fine with all my readers out there......

Have to go rake up the leaves from the yard.........................see you!

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