Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is the EQAO

If you are a parent in Canada with a child in the third grade or higher, you probably already know of the EQAO tests and what they are. For those of you who are new to Canada or have children just going into the third grade, the EQAO stands for Education Quality and Accountability Office.

 It is the provincial agency that designs and gives annual tests to Grade 3 and Grade 6 students in reading, writing and mathematics.

Grade 9 students are tested in mathematics and Grade 10 students are given a literacy test. The Grade 10 literacy test is called OSSL (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) and a pass is required by every student in order to graduate high school.

  The EQAO tests gives parents, teachers, principals and school boards information about how well students have learned the Ontario curriculum in reading, writing and mathematics and at what level are they compared to the others.

The 'grades' are given as Levels in Ontario.

Level 1 is well below Govt standards
Level 2 is below but approaching Govt standards
Level 3 is at the Govt standard
Level 4 is above the Govt standard

The website for more information is:

It is really important to note that the level of reading and writing in every school depends on the number of students writing the test with English being a second language. Some schools have more students with English as a second language than others, so if you are looking at the EQAO results for a ranking of the schools and their academic performance, then this criteria might not be the right one.

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