Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to Classes

Come September in Canada...and it is the month that all students go back to school, college or university. Stores have massive 'back to school' sales from items like clothing and pencils to computers and backpacks.

People new to Canada, who have learned how drive or got their licenses during the months of July and August -  look out for school buses and children in the mornings and afternoon hours. When taking left or right turns, please look out for students crossing the road. Been reading the newspapers recently about accidents involving new drivers and students and or school buses. (People not stopping for school buses that have their lights flashing).

Good luck to all the new students out there....experiencing their first year in a Canadian school! Learning to adjust to a new culture is tough enough for adults - and sometimes we forget how much tougher it can be for children and teenagers.

For new immigrants with school going kids, take the time to see how Canadian kids dress and ask the school if they have any newcomer orientation sessions. Teachers are well versed with new immigrants and issues they may face. So definitely don't hesitate to tell a teacher or Principal your concerns.

Will try to post more often....been busy with guests visiting, getting my G license and the Summer vacation.

Let me know if there is anything you would like to know more of through my blogs.


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