Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ice Skating

Today was the second day of ice skating class for both of my children. They are half an hour classes, and they start exactly on the dot of 10am. You quickly notice here that no one is late..and a lot of parents bring their kids in ten to fifteen minutes early.

The kids put their skates on and entered the arena with the rest of their group. The instructor was a young man, who looked like he was a college student, probably earning extra credit for volunteering during his spring break. He immediately got the kids to 'walk' across the ice, then 'jump' up and down and then actually 'slide' side to side. Then he spent five minutes getting the kids to 'fall' down and then learn how to stand up again.

Each group had about ten to twelve children, and there were about six groups totally all around the arena in different corners so that no got in anothers way. What was really cute..was the three year old group. They were all bundled up in their snow suits, skates, helmets and gloves..and looked so adorable as most of them were just falling all over each other trying to stand up. The skate staff were well trained, patient and knew what each group was doing for the day. Overall, I was impressed with how well coordinated they seemed to be. As groups of kids finished their class for the day they exited on one side of the arena, while the next group entered through another entrance. All the children had to write their names on white labels and stick them on their helmets.

By the end of the class, the school age group kids were able to get from one side of the arena to the middle and back without falling. By the end of the week, the kids should be able to skate. The community center's arenas are open for specific times during each day for recreational skating, and this is open to anyone who can skate.

We also watched the ice hockey training session....and after watching this I realised how far my kids had to go in terms of sheer agility, speed and technique required in skating for this sport. Will write more about ice hockey in a later blog.

Have a nice day!!

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