Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happenings in March...........

Spring break is here!! Next week, all schools and colleges are closed across Canada for Spring Break. I was watching the news yesterday and they actually had a camera crew in the airport, Pearson International, interviewing people leaving Toronto for the short break. Families were going to Vancouver, Ottawa etc to meet other family members, some familes and students were going to Paris....and others were going to enjoy some beach and sunshine for ten days. Many students here go off for the first time with friends for a holiday by themselves. Parents were seen giving last minute instructions, do's and don'ts to their teens and waiting for ten days of having peace and quiet at home!

We decided that since we are here in Canada, for spring break, our children could learn something unique to this part of the world, that they couldn't learn in India. Ice skating! So for the next week, every morning, we're going to drive them to the nearby community center, where they will learn to ice skate.

We went shopping yesterday for the my kids are eight and eleven, we got skates that fit shoe size 4 to 6. They stretched out to the bigger size so that kids could use the same skates for a year or two without having to buy new ones. The skates cost $39, they were on sale and the original price was $99/- marked down to $49 towards the end of winter and then finally $39/. This is why a lot of people here buy things for the next season, at the end of every you get almost all products at more than half the price off!

These are our daughters skates...and the ones for our son are the same except for the! Will let you know how their first class went tomorrow.

The newspapers are FULL of ads for musicals........The Sound of Music, We will rock you! (songs from Queen and Freddy Mercury), Dirty Dancing (yes the movie now on stage) and many more. Tickets cost from $199 for a set of four family tickets for some shows, to $28 per ticket for others.

All the community centers have so many activities and classes for kids and adults...from cooking, learning any sport, babysitting classes, hiking, environment based classes and get togethers for a movie or dance..spring break like all their other breaks are well planned and you or your kids can never complain that there is never anything to do!

This week the weather is great...we're wearing half sleeves and sandals after many months of coats and boots. With Easter around the corner, the stores are full of chocolate covered eggs and candy.

I tried frying Thilapia this week and made a gravy out of this fish too. It was really nice and I recommend this fish if you are here in Canada. I'm putting together a range of simple Canadian dishes, and will put up the recipes on this blog shortly.

The time is now 7pm and it is still daylight outside. A big change from a couple of months ago when the sun was setting by 4pm!

I really appreciate so many of you reading this blog and taking the time to let me know!



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ithunk said...

Good idea .... a transition from one culture to another ... when will you publish??? And how do you work this comment thing so i can do it on my blog too! Remember, you are talking to one-who-doth-live-in-the-last-century.