Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happenings in March............

Spring break is over, and school starts on Monday. Although spring has 'officially' started, the temperature is still hovering at 0 degrees, going into the minus at night. Still no sign of anything green, no birds chirping or any other sign that spring is actually here....oh wait....except for one thing. Spring sales!

Every other store seems to have a sign hanging on the door saying, 'Buy now! The latest Spring collection, in store now!' From shorts to garden hoses, swim wear and spaghetti tops......spring seems to be only in the stores for the time being.

We made a booking for a night to stay at Niagara falls next week as my cousin is visiting. The room rate came to $119 per night, for four people in a room. These are falls view rooms, and do not include any meal. The breakfast buffet rate is about $7 per person, and kids are less.

You can easily find hotels and make reservations online, where the final booking will have to be made over the phone as they will need a valid credit card.

Once the confirmation is made, they will send you an email with the booking number and details.

Met some Indians yesterday who moved to Canada thirty years ago! Their kids were all born here and are now working or studying in the University. None of them regretted moving to Canada and felt that life for their children was certainly better here. But on the other hand, I met a couple that moved here just five months ago as their married son wanted them to come and stay with him. Well, that couple is just waiting for a chance to go back to Delhi where they lived for the past sixty years. Coming during the winter didn't help and being stuck inside a house without being able to drive (remember getting your license here takes time..see one of my earlier posts on this tagged license) can be really boring.

Keep watching the Indian news channels to find out what is happening in India. Good to know that our cricket team made history in New Zealand!!

On that note......I'll sign off until next time!

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