Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Bluff's at Scarborough

I'm trying to get a better map....but if you look at Toronto on the map above, you will find Scarborough on the upper right. (North East).

Keeping up with our weekend day trips before Winter sets in, this Sunday we drove to a beautiful place called the 'Bluff's. It was a forty five minute drive, and from the City of Toronto it will hardly take you twenty minutes to get there.

There is a huge parking lot when you get there with free parking after September. (They collect parking from June to September) You don't have to pay anything to see the Bluffs.

Lake Ontario is right there, and you can take a walk around the park and make your way to the Bluffs.

The 'Bluff's are huge cliff side structures made up of clay and mud. They look like stone, until you walk right upto it and touch the surface. Amazing!!

Take a look at the pictures....they speak for themselves!

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