Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hello ..after a long break!

After a change in my work timings, kids in University and 11th grade and the usual busy routine of life, I was not able to update my blog regularly.

I'm going to try to update and post about some of our experiences in the last couple of years.

Also, I'm going to start posting about different places of interest to visit in Canada. Today I want to tell you about the Spirit Catcher.

The Spirit Catcher (also called Dream Catcher) is a sculpture situated on the shore of Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. It was originally created by sculptor Ron Baird for the Expo 86 in Vancouver. This is about a two hour drive  or less, from Toronto.

Isn't that gorgeous?

This will give you an idea on the size of the sculpture. The twenty ton, 25 m (70 ft) wide by 21 m (65 ft) tall sculpture was transported to Barrie using two flatbed trucks, and was installed by volunteers and two cranes. It took two days during the weekend of 12 June and 13 June 1987, and was dedicated on 12 September 1987.

The sculpture has 16 kinetic quills, which rock back and forth when the wind blows. Is worth a visit! We went there this Easter weekend and spent about an hour walking around the park and lake area where this sculpture has been put up. 

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Beni said...

I wonder why it is called Spirit Catcher. Thanks for coming back. I have always enjoyed your writing. Please keep them coming.