Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long weekend

Still on our long weekend, yesterday, Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada. I wrote about the holiday on my post of October 13th, 2008 in case you want to read about how it all came about. Last year, since we had just moved, we really didn't celebrate Thanksgiving the Canadian way. But this year....it was Canadian all the way! A friend of ours invited us for Thanksgiving dinner at their home. The men decided to cook the turkey, so that was fun to watch!

Turkey, baked potatoes with sour cream, steamed vegetables and a pie for desert....was absolutely an amazing meal. Now I know why the meal itself is such a big deal..for most of us who grew up with the only turkey we know of on t.v shows.

Will put up some pictures later today. Just wanted to add that I got a nice email from a Lady who lives in Muskoka. She read my post and wrote to me to clarify about the 'millionaire' homes on Muskoka lake. She said how all of them are not millionaires, and that her parents bought the property in the 1960's for $2000 and built their retirement home there in 1991, which she inherited. Thank you for writing in!

Today....back to Monday, oops, I mean Tuesday morning blues........back to work and school.

It is cold and expected to hit 0 degrees tonight.

Let me go find my gloves, winter coat and hat.........


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