Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The latest in Canada

Wow...what a week here in Canada. First of all....every channel you turn on or every newspaper you open...has the same thing.....the H1N1 virus and where you can get the shot for it. One school made it compulsory, while others are waiting and watching. I guess no one wants to be a guinea pig, right? No one wants to get the shot and find out one year down the line about some long term losing hair...or getting some other disease instead. It is just too new..and how much research has really gone into the side effects of the H1N1 vaccine? Most countries looked like they were in some kind of race to be the first ones to produce the vaccine. Just how much testing did they really do??

At the end of the is up to the individual to decide what they want to do. For now, we are waiting for more information before we take the vaccine or give it to our kids.

They caught a young 23 year old guy driving 185 km per hour on one the main highways a couple of night a 100km zone. Yes, it turned out he was caught...and taken to jail. Not worth it people!!

Talking about the road system here in husband and I were just saying how easy it is to find places here because they are SO organized. The entire road system is made like a grid. All roads go West to East or North to South in relatively straight routes. So there is no one way to get somewhere. When saying an address, you say the intersection of the two streets that cross nearest to the place you are giving directions for. This makes things easy, and once you are familiar with the street names, you will know at once which area they are talking about. For instance, there is a huge shopping mall in Brampton called Shoppers World. If I were giving directions to someone, I would just say, 'intersection of Main and Steeles'. In one second you would know where it was.

Leaves, leaves everywhere!! My kids are enjoying the end of the season, jumping in the huge pile of leaves on our lawn and spreading it around even more! We managed to fill two huge bags with the leaves yesterday and put it out for the garbage collection round this morning. Half our tree is gone..and so we will still have a lot of raking of leaves to do!!

Coming Saturday is Halloween! My kids are going as Dracula and a Witch. My son who is in 7th grade, also has a school dance the same day and has to wear his costume to school. The school normally collects $2 for this as they provide snacks and juice.

My son also attended a Leadership Conference yesterday. They were taken to another place from school to hear a speaker and learn about Leadership skills. He enjoyed it and was inspired to do something to help with the 'Food' program in school. They collect canned food to donate to donation centres. This is a huge help for families in need of extra food especially in these times with the recession hitting so many families.

Job oppotunites and sale of homes seems to be on the rise. Last year I noticed plenty of 'For Sale' signs near homes, but this year I am noticing that there are more and more 'Sold' signs. This is a good thing and means that the recession looks like it is ending.

It has been raining here this week.....yesterday I did a marathon session of cooking.......sambar, fish fry, rasam, cauliflower and potato and for the kids some chocolate cake. The rasam recipe I have is basically a five minute one....literally! Using tomato and tamarind paste, it tastes exactly like the rasam made using other recipes. Send me an email if you would like the recipe.

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