Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting to get cold ~ brrrrrrrrrrr !!

Was really hoping that Summer would drag itself out longer...but looks like Autumn decided to sneak in early! Even our tree in the front yard is already changing colour and is starting to look like a combination of light green and yellow.

This past week it has been rainy and temperatures down to 22C on average. This coming week, Thursday is going to be 16C. Somehow when you think of how long Winter is, you try to really enjoy Summer and try to be outdoors as much as possible.

Stores: Already out with Halloween costumes and candy!! Marketing at its best I guess. Crazy when you think that Halloween is on October 31st and we still have so many days to go. Back to school sales are over with a blink of an eye and now they target your wallet with the next seasonal holiday.

Will update you later today on more of what is going on in Canada..............until then..have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Nal... I am from chennai too.. Nice blog and keep going

Thoughts2Remember said...

Hi,I liked ur blog, I am from chennai and studying in canada and new to this place, i want to buy good winter clothing for my wife and my daughter ,, can u suggest what all things are necessary and the brands which are good and not very costly. Since u also have a kid , ur advise should really be useful