Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Immigration Reforms

In the Globe and Mail today, page A12, there is an interesting article about new immigration reforms taking place, and how some changes may be made soon regarding the kinds of immigrants being allowed to come in so easily into Canada.

For example: A person may go through the immigration process and get through the interview. When he gets his PR visa, he also applies for his aging set of parents. Now, for the one eligible working immigrant coming in to Canada, he is bringing two non-working immigrants who will live on the contributions to the Government coffers. (Not having previously contributing anything to the Canadian system this does not seem right.)

The website that you can go to for more information on this is:


If you are Canadian and reading this, please do write to me with your views on what you think. With immigration offices in other countries calling out to immigrants to immigrate to Canada to increase the number of the labour force here, it would be interesting to know what 'Canadians' think of this and how it affects them in everyday life.


harsha said...

Thanks to all the Members who are posting so much Information about canada.which i cannot find in Google.Hope the Updates will continue.Wishing u all Happy days in the Future.

Anonymous said...

How is the job market for students coming for MS...My friend has told TOEFL will be accepted for some of the univ..do you have any inf regarding this