Friday, August 20, 2010

Punjabi couples first months in Canada

Been some time since I updated this blog. With the kids at home for their summer holidays, we have been busy with trips to the library, swimming pool, day trips to visit new places and a week trip to the capital of Canada, Ottawa. (pictures and details about Ottawa to come soon!)

About a month ago, I met a young Punjabi couple who have just moved into the basement of the house next door. They have a four year old daughter, and immigrated to Canada just three months ago.

The Lady speaks decent enough English, but her husband doesn't speak at all. So the Lady got a job first at an Indian accounts office and is quite happy there, while the husband was at home initially to take care of the daughter and look for other opportunities.

This is when we met them and advised the husband to first go for English classes as this was the only way he was going to be able to do anything here. He joined a night class for adults, went the first day and then his job agent called to tell him about a job opening at a factory. He took the job, which was a 11pm to 11am job, and had to quit his language classes. Now he is in a dilemma. He sleeps all day, works all night and has no time for anything else. This is just one story out of thousands.

Now they have to get their drivers licenses, get a car, put their child in school (schools reopen in September) and try to learn English in the process. Not easy!! Their little daughter of course speaks only Punjabi as well and gets so annoyed because the other kids don't understand her and vice-versa.

All the best to them and to all the others like them who have landed in Canada!

India just celebrated its Independence day here in Canada, and had a huge parade of floats in Toronto. The float from 'Goa' came in first place and 'Kerala' second. With Indian music blasting from Dundas square with sweet stalls and Indian was wonderful to watch.

Will post the pictures of Ottawa and Kingston soon.


sai said...

Nalini Di,

U mean to say that the couple landed in Canada with just one person knowing english ? I appreciate their confidence, but also wonder how long will it take for them to succeed.. I mean to settle down.( own house, vehicle, child's study,enough savings)..

Beni said...

I am wondering how they got an immigration visa/PR to Canada not knowing English....