Thursday, April 15, 2010

April and everbody's enjoying the start of Spring

If you are already in Canada, you will know what I'm talking about when I say, "Yea, Spring is finally here!!!"

After months of snow, early sunsets and wearing layers and layers of clothes and carrying around gloves, hats and is time to put all of that away and take out shorts and t-shirts. You can see the general up swing in the mood of everyone around you, bikers and cyclists are out on the streets and the stores are full of swim wear and lighter clothing.

With the start of Spring and Summer, we as a family look forward to receiving our copy of the 'Recreation Program Guide' for our area. This booklet gives us all the information on the activities in Brampton (you can get this for any area that you live in). From lessons for Ice skating, tennis, swimming, roller skating, musical instruments and dance to hiking trips, adventure camps, rock climbing and clubs, you can sign up your kids or your selves for various activities. Some of them are free, but most have a nominal fee that you pay at your local Community Centre. We have signed up our kids for Ice Skating, In Line roller skating classes and tennis. If you live in Ontario, go to your local Community Centre and get the guide. You can also get their schedule for using the Swimming pool (if you already know how to swim), using the Ice Arena or the library.

Kids in school are also happy to be out playing and learning field sports. My son has been playing badminton this month and my daughter is learning how to play soccer. Both are going on field trips this month and working on projects in Science.

This is a wonderful time to go on drives, to check out the new leaves and the budding flowers all around Toronto. Stunning colours of green everywhere! Horse riding is available at local stables for those who are interested as well as Motor Cycle lessons for those who want their two wheeler license.

For those of you planning a trip to Canada, this is a great time to visit. Good weather and you can actually get to see places without worrying about snow or ice on the roads!

Lots of emails coming in from people all around the world planning on moving to Canada. The job front is looking up.

For those who are here: Look in the local newspapers for Job Fairs. Also, register yourselves at the Community Centre near your home, with the settlement worker. They will help all newcomers with their resume, getting starting jobs and learning new skills.

For now.......I'm clearing out our closet of jackets and coats and shopping for Spring!

Keep writing :)

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