Friday, April 16, 2010

Agent who can help you find a place

So many readers have emailed me in the past couple of weeks, asking if I could name someone who could help them find a home or apartment in Toronto.

A good friend of mine, suggested a person who helped her find a nice apartment in a good area for their budget. He was very professional and knew the areas well.

Please email me if you would like his contact information. I didn't want to give it here on the blog before getting his permission! So until then, you can always write to me.

Seems to be re-roofing season. Everywhere I go, I see work men on top of roof's, putting up new tiles or shingles. Scary! Some of them don't seem to be using safety cords.

Lots of immigrants moving to Canada in the next couple of months. Many writing to me from India and the Gulf. Many in the IT industry and hoping for a change of life here in Canada. All the best to all of you!!


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