Thursday, February 25, 2010

We're up to 7 golds and counting!! Canada in fourth place right now.

The Olympics took a back seat this week for many Canadians who got hit with two days of continuous snow, and another three more days to go. So instead of watching the Olympics on t.v or reading the newspaper, most people were out shoveling snow and cleaning their car windows! Also, driving anywhere took longer because of the slippery roads and iced road conditions.

Canada is doing pretty well considering the odds when they first started. In fourth place, ahead of Russia is something to cheer, although the US seems to be way ahead in the medal tally. Doesn't look like there are enough medals left now to catch up!!

The biggest medals left now are of course the men's and woman's hockey finals. The woman's team made the finals and will be playing the US. The men still have to qualify. I'll keep you posted on what is happening.

One really interesting piece of news that I'm sure every Indian knows already is that Sachin Tendulkar became the first person to get 200 runs in a one day international cricket tournament!!! It was so awesome to see him cross that line and get that run.....then to have him later dedicate it to the Country. Congrats Sachin from all Indo-Canadians too!!

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