Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Team Canada - Go Canada Go!!!!!!!!

It has been an amazing two weeks of an extremely successful Olympics for Canada, I must say!! From screams of 'Go, Canada Go' to people everywhere wearing Red and White colours, to 'Canada' written all over any kind of clothing........the spirit, patriotism and pride of a Country was practically in your face for two weeks. And what a glorious two weeks it has been!

Canada finished third in the overall ranking, behind the US and Germany, but if you ask any Canadian, they will tell you that after beating the US in BOTH women's and men's hockey, that they came out the winners!

14 Gold medals, more than any other host country for any Winter Olympics before 2010. That is just awesome! Today, most of Canada was sitting on the edge of their seats, watching the men's hockey finals. At one point, the US and Canada were both neck and neck with two goals each, and then at the last second possible, Sidney Crosby scored the third goad for Canada. The entire Country erupted in unision..........screaming with joy....that the impossible had finally become possible. (Like India playing Pakistan in a cricket finals!!)

It is late, just watching the Closing ceremony. Will fill you in tomorrow and add some pictures at this spectacular finale of a truly memorable Winter Olympic Games!

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