Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A reminder

Make sure that you are dressed warmly when you go out during the winter months. Don't just check the temperatures, but make sure you also check to see what the Windchill factor is. For example: It may be -5C outside, but then the windchill may be -11 or -15. This means that you must be dressed for the windchill temperature.

In case you have forgotten this very important website, here is a reminder so that you can keep checking the weather reports before venturing out.

Your 24 hour channel on the internet and tv. Make sure you check the all day weather forecast before you leave your home. With temperatures dropping suddenly during the day, you don't want to be stuck without your warm jackets, mittens and hats.

Check out this link to see a cute video on how to dress your kids right for the winter. Cut and paste it in a new window and then press enter.

With February being the coldest month in Canada, be prepared for the temperature to drop further and more snow. Winter can be fun if you are prepared! Try a new sport...skiing or snow boarding. Ice skating can be fun for all ages. Go to your local community centre to check out their ice skating class dates and rates.

Parks have ice skating areas that are safe for families and small children. Try the rink at Gage park in can see kids of all sizes skating here. You can enter here from Main Street.

Have fun!

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Ajay said...

I have gone through your blog and really appreciate your hardwork behind this. There is so much of valuable information for us especially when we are shifting finally in March time frame from Dubai.

Thanks once again...

Ajay Kapoor