Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Back!!

Yes I am back in good ol' is -4C today with a windchill of -11. Just three days ago I was in sunny India, 20C......perfect warm weather....and now I can only dream about it!!

The biggest news here right now is the earthquake in Haiti, and how all of North American is helping with money, food, aid and helping hands. The destruction and numbers who have perished in just unimaginable. If you want to help, make sure you give your money to a trusted charity group or the government. The Red Cross, World Vision etc are all good charities that you know will use the money for what it is intended.

The kids are back in school. They didn't seem to miss much even though they missed two weeks of school. If they caught up in just one day.....exactly what is it that they are learning?? My kids are thrilled son has rock climbing in school for four weeks and for her next field trip my daughter is going skiing and snow boarding. Sounds like fun!!

Guess what? I finally got my Police clearance certificate, allowing me to volunteer at my kids school and the Church. In order to work with kids, you have to get a police clearance report saying that you are not a convicted Child Molester. This is a good thing!!

There were two pedestrians struck down and killed this morning, in two seperate accidents. Please be careful when driving and taking those right turns. You never know when a person is crossing the street.

Just found out that 'Rogers' added a 'On Demand' channel for kids and that it is free!! This works like a library of videos, that you can pick and watch on your t.v. Most of the On Demand channels you have to pay for. So this was a nice change!!

Wish you all a wonderful 2010! Welcome to all the newcomers and hope all of you who moved last year are settling down and are enjoying your new life in Canada.

Will keep you posted on what is happening here in Toronto and the rest of Canada.

Until then,

take care

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