Friday, September 18, 2009

We're back!!

We are back in Canada, after our first holiday back to India. It was two and a half months of family time, catching up with friends and traveling around the Country with our children. It was great to be back in India, amongst the familiar sights and sounds. It was also strange....

Strange in the sense that....we felt like we had to eat every biriyani, dosa or paani puri in sight, take a ride in an auto and actually enjoy the hustle and bustle of a crowded store and hearing every Indian language spoken at one time. The traffic was insane to say the least, and of course we were back to some things we forgot in our one year in Canada. Power cuts and no water coming out of the taps!! Things you start to take for granted in Canada. I mean here, you even have seperate taps for hot and cold water!!

The one thing we discovered during our trip back to India, is that no matter how many years you live abroad or what kind of lifestyle you lead....if you have lived in India at some point of time, you will miss something about it. At times it can be just the sound of dogs barking, flower sellers yelling and water pumps being pumped at 5am. Here, it is so quiet, you can actually hear yourself breathing.

We are lucky. Lucky because we live in two different worlds. So different that it is hard to explain. One world called India. Third world, noisy, polluted, crowded, cheap,charming, mysterious, great food, and something different in each and every state. The other world, Canada - hardly any people, every state seems to be a copy of the other, difficult for immigrants, expensive, great infrastructure, one of the best cities to live in (Toronto) and hundreds of well planned things to do on the weekends.

These are some of the differences you may feel, comparing both Countries. We left India feeling sad...not knowing when our next visit would be. But you know what? We got out of Pearson International and caught a cab to take .....home. Yes, home. It was great to see the clear, big roads, the open Country side and how clean everything was. Yes, we miss India.....but I guess we missed Canada a little too.

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