Friday, September 18, 2009

The Africa Safari - Ontario

Last Sunday we drove about an hours distance from our home, to the African Safari in Sheffield.
It was a nice drive getting there, not much traffic and the weather was just perfect. Once we got there, we saw clear signs about where to go, pay for your ticket and where to park if you didn't want to go on the Safari drive first.

The visitors going on the Safari drive, had to drive past a huge double gate and just follow the signs. Driving into different areas, one could see animals like Lions, cheetahs, Zebras, Giraffes, Ostriches, many kinds of Deer, Hippos and wild birds. A very open area, it is easy to forget where you are while you gape open mouthed at the animals walking right up to your car window.
Of course, there are clear rules opening doors and windows. You have to stay in the car at all times. They have security all over just in case.
The website for this attraction had this to say:

"African Lion Safari is a Canadian owned family business created in the name of conservation. Our manner of exhibiting animals is completely different from the traditional approach; that is, the visitor is caged in the car, and the animals roam in 2 to 20 hectare (5 to 50 acre) reserves.We first opened the gates to the public in 1969 with 40 lions in 3 reserves; today the park houses in excess of 1000 animals of over 100 species. After 39 years we have been successful with breeding 30 species that are considered endangered, and 20 or more species that are considered threatened. The original idea of "maintaining self-sustaining populations of species in decline" is still our priority."

The Rates are as follows:
Adult (13-59)................$29.95
Senior (60+).................$26.95
Children (3-12)..............$24.95
SPRING/FALL ADMISSION RATES:SPRING - May 2 - June 26, 2009 FALL - Sept 8 - Oct 12, 2009
Adult (13-59)................$24.95
Senior (60+).................$21.95
Children (3-12)..............$19.95
Taxes not included. Prices in Canadian dollars.We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX and Interac debit cards.Prices subject to change without notice.Children 2 and under are admitted FREE.All features weather permitting.Some features have height restrictions.

Drive Through Game Reserve (9 km). Misumu Bay Wet Play area (open daily, WEATHER PERMITTING, May 16 to Sep 7, 2009, height restrictions apply, closes for season after Labour Day) Jungle Playground (height restrictions apply)

Parrot Paradise show Elephant Roundup demonstration
A scenic railway tour Pets' Corner Birds of Prey flying demonstration
Take a cruise aboard the "African Queen"

SUMMARY: Visit our large drive-through wildlife park and you will surely have a wild experience! View and photograph 1000 unique and rare mammals and birds who are roaming freely, waiting to meet you. The Safari Trail takes you through prides of lions, troops of baboons and herds of zebra. You will see big cats, baboons, white rhino, ostrich, aoudad, eland, giraffe and many other exotic and native species. Travel through the reserves in your own vehicle (Convertibles, motorcycles and other unsuitable vehicles will not be permitted to drive through the Game Reserves. Windshields with cracks are not permitted to drive through the Game Reserves. Keep your windows closed!) or park your car and let an informative tour guide drive you through this wild kingdom in our air-conditioned Safari Tour Bus (additional cost). The drive through tour will take about one hour and the average stay for a family visit is five to seven hours. Relax and enjoy yourself!Explore our thrilling mammal and bird performances. The shows include the Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration, Parrot Paradise show, and Elephant Round-Up, all weather permitting. Shows run throughout the afternoon. Upon arrival you will be given a Programme & Map which outlines the show times. Each show is approximately 20 minutes long. As the shows are very popular we suggest that you arrive early for seating. Take a cruise aboard the "African Queen" boat. Your guide will point out exotic birds and primates during your pleasant tour around Water Safari Lake. Inhabitants of this area include the Ring-tailed lemur, Ground Horn-bills, Spider Monkeys, and the endangered Angolan Colobus monkeys.
Venture off to Waterfowl Lake and take a journey on the "Nature Boy" scenic railway. As you travel through this natural forest you will see some unique wildlife, watch out for the snapping turtles! The boat & train tour are each approximately 15 minutes in length and open daily at 11:00 a.m. weather permitting.

Come and see our daily elephant swim. Here you will see Kitty, Jenny, Maggie and baby Chuck, frolic in the giant recreational lake.Visit Pets' Corner and come ‘face to ‘face’ with a variety of animals and birds. Take a moment to pet and feed some baby goats.

Children are encouraged to monkey around in the Jungle Playground featuring the Safari Venture, and Toddlers' Play. Then cool down in the Misumu Bay Wet Play area (open May 16 to September 7, 2009, height restrictions apply). Misumu Bay Wet Play opens at 11:00 a.m.
Hungry on Safari? Check out Mombasa Market Restaurant (licensed) offering flame-broiled burgers, fries, pizza, and snacks, or the Cabana Grill (licensed) on the back patio

This is definitely worth seeing and experiencing. A wonderful place to bring young children as well as older people. It is not that big and one can easily walk around comfortably. Bathrooms are spacious and clean.

Any questions? Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment after this post. Thanks!

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