Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacationing in India....back in September :)

Wow...have been in India a glorious six weeks and I have four more to go.

Have been traveling around the state of Tamil Nadu, which is where I am from. First my home town for a family wedding, then to Ooty for a school reunion and then back to Chennai city where I lived before moving to Canada.

Have to say: after one year abroad, there really is not anything that I can say is very different here except the urge to once in a while say, 'It is so hot!' But that is only because I am outside in the hot sun..instead of inside somewhere being cooled by a fan or an air conditioner! There were plenty of days in Canada when we got roasted can get pretty hot in Toronto with the UV rays being so high.

The first day on the road, I did think the cars were driving too close to each other (autos and bikes are another story), but that is only because in one year, I got used to wides roads and less traffice. But by day two, everything was back to normal, including my two kids not wearing seatbelts. (Of course, we do tell them to wear it......whereas in Canada it is something we automatically do.)

We have been spending our days eating out, eating in and ordering food too. Yes, catching up on all the food we have been missing is #1 on our list of things to do. Besides eating, we have been meeting family, friends, shopping (I'll write another post on this) and going to favourite old places.

Adding a few pictures taken in India, for my Canadian readers and of course all the Indian readers who would like a bit of nostalgia!!

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