Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still vacationing in India

We just visited the South Indian hill station, Kodaikanal. I always loved Kodi...the chill air and the wonderful aroma of Eucalyptus trees.

Take a look at the pictures I just uploaded. The mountains, lake, interesting bugs and insects we saw and the resort where we stayed.

Have to tell you that...two months in India and we have gotten completely spoiled with maids, cooks and drivers and even a guy to iron our clothes for us. In two weeks we leave for Canada, and I'm thinking...oh no, I will have to go back to doing all those things by ourselves.

I have been doing some shopping while we've been here......things like books, branded shoes and clothes are much cheaper in India, especially during the sales. The kids last winter, got bored staying in the house all day. When we went to pick up some board games from the stores in Canada, we found the prices to be almost double what we would have paid for the same games in India. So I've picked up board games for the coming winter too.

Other things that are much cheaper and easily available are medicines, eye check ups and getting glasses or contacts, dental and health check ups. So if you are in Canada and are planning on coming to India for your holidays, plan on getting health and dental check ups for the family here. Also, the health check ups in India cover a lot more tests (the package at Apollo hosptials for Ladies, called the Well woman check, costs Rs.2800/- and covers x-ray, dental, abdominal scan, blood tests to check cholesterol, blood type, etc, general physician check, gyno tests and urine and stools) than the Canadian ones. Also, the waiting times are less. All Doctors speak in English.

Yes, we will miss India a lot...but are now waiting to get back to our home in Canada. The kids will be starting fourth and seventh grade. Will keep you posted on that. My son is in the school band this year, and will be playing the snare drum. So we are all excited about the new school year and the new things that they will be learning.

Thanks to all of you who have been posting comments and wrote to me with questions. Makes my day!

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