Thursday, June 4, 2009

Toronto events and happenings....websites info.......summer 2009

A wonderful website to check out if you are here in Toronto is

You can find information on everything happening in and around Toronto from music shows, art festivals, special movie screenings, garden shows, food tasting events, free events and exhibits.
There is also information on tickets to all the events, how to get to places, the best places to eat, child friendly places and places and things to do on a budget.

This summer for example, one of the things that we are going to see is the exhibit of the Dead sea scrolls at the Royal Ontario Museum. That should be great to see!

Other information guides you can also find on their website are:

Family Guide
Arts Guide
Visitor's Guide
Nightlife Guide
Club Guide
Golf Guide
Adult Guide
Travel Centre
Toronto Traffic

If you are looking for places to camp, fish and hike. Or other activities like paintball, golfing or even rafting.......check out the website: They also have information on rentals of canoes and cottages, and info on skydiving lessons:

From shopping to finding hotels and where exactly the happening bars and clubs are, go to and see what this amazing city has to offer........................and while you are doing this, you can also check out the little weather guide box on the top right to make sure it isn't going to rain or snow while you plan your days outings!

For events in Canada, check out: (This website gives you details on up and coming Canadian Government events).

Hope these websites are of some help in planning your 'staycation' if you are here in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada.

Have a great summer everybody!


Lorac said...

Hi There Where was the restaurant where you got the Paper Dosa? I would love to try it!

Lorac said...

Thanks Nal for the restaurant info and for coming over to my blog! ;)

Lorac said...

By the way I found your blog very interesting! Looks at things in a different light from what I would. Keep blogging!