Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emirates A380 lands in Toronto!

The A380 has landed........................

The headlines on todays paper......'Colossal jet has star turn at Pearson'. I read the article with a lot of interest, as we normally fly Emirates on our way back to India or Canada, and was excited that we may get to travel in it too. But this flight, being the inaugural flight.....cost the priviledged passengers $10,000 CAN/- per head........with champagne, 23 inch touch screen televisions, leather couches, fully stocked bar, mini fridge for every business class seat and massaging functions on your seat.

Now, with the A380 coming in to Toronto three times a day, it opens up an entirely new style of air travel. Yes, there is even a shower on board........but don't get any funny ideas...there is a five minute limit!

The aircraft, the biggest in the world, has 489 seats and can land only in airports fitted with the third level aerobridge to allow passengers to reach the upperdeck. About sixty airports around the world are either geared up or are gearing up to take passengers on the A380.

Speaking of airlines.......having travelled on different carriers in the past, according to me.......the best three are: Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Jet Airways. The worst? Air France and Air Canada (sorry!!) This was based on the types of food served on board, in-flight entertainment and service. (Flights in and out of India) As far as airports go.....Dubai's International terminal with the duty free stores and first class lounges and Singapores Changi airport top as two of the best in the world.

Schools will be closing end of this month in Canada......and I'm sure many families will take to the skies...........no matter what airline you decide to take and where you decide to go.....have a safe trip and a terrific holiday!!

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