Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Immigrant Children in Universities in Canada

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An article they had recently was about immigrant children in Universities in Canada.

"According to a study by Statistics Canada, children of immigrants to Canada are almost twice as likely to attend university as students whose parents were born in the country.
According to the study, 50 per cent of students who immigrated to Canada with their families will go on to attend university. This is compared with 31 per cent of students who had one immigrant parent, and just 25 per cent of students whose parents were born in Canada. Students of Chinese origin were the most likely to go to college.
Overall, students whose families emigrated from Asia were four times more likely to attend college than Canadians, even if their performance in secondary school was low. Students with immigrant backgrounds from Europe, on the other hand, are generally as likely to attend university as a third-generation Canadian.
The study’s coordinators believe that the Canadian education system may have a role to play in helping immigrant students achieve success. For instance, Canadian schools do not follow the European practice of directing students to either vocational or academic programs in their early teens. Because of this, students who speak English or French as a second language have more time to master the language before applying to higher education."
Canada is also actively trying to get more international students to come and study in Canada. They are hoping to double the number by 2022.

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