Monday, February 27, 2012

A reply regarding 2bedroom footage

"....shall be moving to Ontario by March 2012. Can you please inform me about the rentals for a 2 Bedroom house, in Brampton, Missisisagua, and toronto. Also what is the overall area incl lawns of a 2 bed room house? "

The above is part of an email sent to me by a reader. Just wanted to post it here, as the info may be relevant to many of you planning to move to Canada. 

All these cities, have local newspapers where you can check for rentals or websites like,,ca etc 

The number of bedrooms and the size of lawn have nothing to do with each other. You can live in a four bedroom home and have a smaller lawn then a two bedroom home. All houses are different and price for sale or rent is according to NOT only size and location of the home, but the upgrades and what the home owners have done or are including with the home. 

Find out if utilities are included. (gas, electricity and water)

T.V, Internet and Phones are normally not included, so remember to add this to your monthly expense.

Do you have a pet? Many homes are 'pet free', so be sure to tell the owner if you are renting if you have a cat or dog or intend to get one. 

If you depend on public transport make sure that you have easy access to it. No point in finding a cheap rental where you have to walk for half an hour to get to a bus stop every morning and evening. (Think -10 and deep snow!!)

So depending on your family (small kids, big kids, no kids, elderly people) look for something comfortably in your budget, where you don't spend hours commuting which is close to basic stores, your bank and if you require, schools. 

Many questions will automatically get answered once you land and you see some homes to give you an idea of what to expect. 


Shalini said...

I guess Backyard/Lawn area is not included in the Monthly Rental Cost. So If an Advertisement says, 1100 Sqft, it means covered area. Backyard may be complimentary

Blog Editor said...

If you rent a basement house/apt, you will not get the lawn space included. This will belong to the person who lives in the main house.