Friday, August 5, 2011

The Walk-in Clinic experience

I know, I has been far too long between my posts! We just shifted and moved from Brampton to Mississauga. Our new home is still full of boxes and things all over the place. Hopefully can wake up to a neat and organized home by this weekend. The main reason we shifted is because our son is just starting grade 9, which is the first year of High School. This means, moving to the High School from the Middle School that is within the boundaries of your home. The problem was that, even though we were happy with the middle school, the High School was way below on the ranks. The only way to switch schools was to switch homes!! So after looking for nearly 6 weeks we finally found a home in our budget and within the boundaries of the High School we liked.

So come September, our son starts grade 9 and our daughter moving from Elementary to Middle school, starts grade 6.

The label of this post about the Walk In.................let me explain:

Yesterday, we went to the Walk-In Clinic (which is what they call the clinics here that you go to with your Health Card) to see a Doctor about a skin cream for an infection. The nurse immediately took us to one of the examination we thought, 'Wow, that was fast!'. But then we ended up waiting for about half an hour before the Doctor finally came to see us. Anyway, he writes the prescription which we take to the pharmacy next door. The attendant looks at the prescription and says, 'I can't read this. I'm going to fax this back to the Doctor, and he'll have to fax me the prescription again so that I can read it. Can you come back after 20 minutes?'

A lot of people ask how the Health Care system is here...well, most immigrants will tell you that it is slow, painfully slow...............the ambulance will take you in an emergency to the Hospital in five minutes flat, but then once there, chances are you will see a Doctor only after three or four hours......sometimes five or six! It just doesn't make any sense!

Anyway.......back to my unpacking...........will check around and post new happenings in and around the GTA soon. We took a trip to the Niagara Falls a couple of weeks ago with a guest who was visiting from the U.K, and the 'Maid of the Mist' ride to the edge of the falls just never ceases to amaze us. If you visit Canada or come here to live or study, one of your very first sight seeing trips should be the Falls.

Have a good weekend!!

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Andy said...

Hmm...Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" (have u seen that?) which was basically about how the US healthcare system is the worst in the developed world, painted a very rosy picture of healthcare in canada. (mainly from a financial point of view, but it didnt point out that even in case of an emergency, you may not be seen by a doc immediately!).