Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Woke up this morning to what looked like a foot of snow on our front door step. We had to get our high winter boots out to shovel the snow off of the driveway and sidewalk. Snow looks so pretty and light as it falls to the ground...but believe can be really heavy!!

My kids are happy since there is no school today, the first 'snow holiday' that we have seen in the two and a half years we have been here. The great thing is that the Canadian Government and the City Councils are so organized that the highways were already clear by the morning rush hour traffic and most of the main roads already salted and shovelled. As I am writing this blog, I'm looking out of my backdoor and watching the snow come down again. More shovelling later!!

The temperature is -10 and wearing my thinner leather gloves were not enough to warm my hands. So half frozen I came back into the house to change into my heavy winter gloves. All this makes such a difference here, which is hard to imagine when you lived in an Asian country all your life.

Have been getting so many letters recently from families around the world, all waiting to land here in Canada. We recently went for the Panorama India show for India's republic day celebrations. There were thousands of people there, with the different State associations performing dances and songs. There was also Indian food and a great chai stand, with wonderful masala tea for sale. If you are in the Toronto area, look out for the Panorama show next year.

Coming up is also the IAFA awards, this year being held at the Rogers Centre here in Toronto. That should be fun! This year is also the Year of India in Canada. Will give you a link in a couple of weeks for the website which will give you more details on the different celebrations slated for the year.

Incredible India has also come out with a fantastic book, (in which I was one of the editors!!), which is in print now. Anyone wants a copy...please let me know....$25/- with postage for the hardcopy, or you can look at the pdf on You'll see a blue box with Incredible India, just click on that and take a look at the book! Let us know what you think.

Advertisers for the book can contact
........they are looking at anyone in the travel, hotel or airline industry. The french version of the book is coming out as well. The book and CD version of the entire book with ads is going to be given out to thousands of Canadians this year.

Waiting for spring....and getting out of wearing all these layers!!
We were in India for a month in December and the weather was just so perfect! The kids are back to school and enjoying it. My ten year old is going on a school ski trip next week and both the kids (13 and 10) had a rock climbing activity in school for two weeks. Besides learning math, english and science, I love the fun they have doing so many other things too.

Will blog on High School options in my next post. Let me know what else you would like me to blog about.......anything about Canada you would like to know??

Have a great day wherever you are!!!


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