Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letter from Sam and the job market

I received a post from Sam who wanted to know about the job market in Canada.

Sam, I'm copying your post here so that my readers know what this is in regard to,

Hello Nalini,

I was just curious to ask that is there anyway to arrange for employment before coming to Canada. I mean me and my husband both are software professionals are thinking of relocating there. But without a job is a little scary. Also what what kinds of job do software professionals get there when they come and search for employment. Is there any website there where you can search for a job? like in india we have monster, Naukri etc to apply for. A little information would be of great help.

Thanks and Regards,

Sam, sorry I don't have your email id, or else I would have replied to you directly, but anyway......your post is something a lot of readers ask me about, so I'm replying to it here :)

1. Yes, you can try to secure a job before landing, but I'm telling you straight that this is a very one out of ten thousand kind of chance as 99.999% employers want some Canadian experience.

2. The first couple of years, unless you are again one of the .00001% who gets a good job faster, you must be willing to take any job, nothing to do with your qualification or experience, just to get that 'Canadian Experience'. From working at McDonalds, to a gas station or as a store clerk........you may have to take what you can get. Remember that for every job available, there are 100's of people applying...so even those kinds of jobs may not be as easy to get as you think. On an average, many new immigrants don't get a job for the first six months. You should bring in enough money to get you through at least nine months to be on the safe side.

3. Websites here that you can look at for jobs are:


You can also try www.immigration.ca

Basically, I don't want to paint a rosy picture about the job market here. We know MBA's from the IIM's who are looking for jobs even six months after landing. Most do find jobs eventually, especially after working in some 'low level' job to get the Canadian experience first. I said, low level, meaning what you would call certain jobs in India.....but by NO WAY am I inferring that these jobs are Low Level here in Canada. All jobs here are done with dignity and integrity, no matter what it is. So don't think that by working in a Tim Hortons or McDonalds that you are doing something beneath your qualifications. You will learn so much about Canadian culture just working even for a month in one of those places. This kind of experience will carry you a long way!

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nal,

My name is Nana and im read your blogs regularly. I would like to know what would is the average salary one should look for an comfortable life. As i know 60 to 75k is an good salary in US to start with.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting a clear picture of what we mush expect when coming there. We would be more prepared if we want to come there. Also now arises another question in my mind that all those jobs that you have listed like working in mc donalds and all, by working there do we make enough money to support a family.

My email id is samruddhi.parmar@gmail.com

Thanks a lot again for taking pains and educating us about canada.

earn4free said...

hello mam,

i really appreciate your work...well i am doing my b.tech 3 year here in india(hyderabad)..and i want to apply for PG PROGRAM in community colleges like georigan ,confedaration college under SPP program.so can i know about the quality of the community college's in canada..as i cant apply for universitys here,as i dont have enough % in acadamic's..and also they(community college's) give paid internship's..and also what about part time job's there for students ,and avg wage for hour... and job employment after my studys....