Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ontario Science Centre

It is 31 degrees Celcius today......the hottest in history for this day in Toronto! With the humidity and the high level of UV can feel like you are literally baking in the sun. Not a good feeling!!

Going outside, you see the differences in how people deal with the sun. Asian woman like me....covered up with hat, sun glasses and a shawl...trying to retain our 'colour'. Canadians (meaning Whites) - out with spaghetti tops, shorts and the men with no shirt at all...........trying to get sun tanned. We stare at them, and they stare at us :) both thinking the other is nuts!

It was the long Victoria Day weekend on May 2
4th and we decided to visit the Ontario Science Centre, something we had been meaning to do for some time now. The kids are a great age....13 and 9, and we also had a good deal for a year family membership discount.

Where is it?

The science centre is located at 770 Don Mills Road in Toronto.

The website:

We opted for the family one year membership and payed for it online. Then taking the print out of the authentication number with us, we drove to the centre which took us about 40 minutes from Brampton.

Because we were members, parking was only $4, as against $8 for non-members. Members get 50% off of parking and 20% off of the food court inside the centre.

We entered the building and got in after showing our membership proof. If you are just visiting for the day, you can buy day tickets at the entrance. The first thing that strikes you when you enter is that the place is HUGE!! Six floors of fascinating aspects of anything to do with Science.

We just managed to see the 6th and 5th floors............and that too after we walked past half the exhibits rushing to see the ones we thought looked interesting. (Most of them were!!) They had the Human Body section, Harry Potter exhibition going on right now, and the IMAX showing interesting movies on space and the Hubble. Now that we have the year membership, we can go anytime we want and as often as we want without paying for entrance tickets again. The IMAX and the special temporary exhibits will be 50% off for members.

We saw a man made Rain Forest, a tornado that you could put your hand through and tons of fun hands on experiments and explanations. From a real Elephants heart to an ancient Chinese can see things you never would have imagined........and learn in five minutes what you could not have learned in five months sitting in a classroom.

Was it worth it?

Yes! Take your kids, get membership if you live in the GTA area and enjoy learning, exploring and experiementing!!


Shaun said...

Is there anything there age appropriate for a 3 year old? I have the feeling it is more for school aged kids, but was hoping for first hand experience.

Appu said...

I came across your blog and I must say .. u r doing a gr8 job by sharing all your experience..
The details that u enclose in the blog help all those who are planning to relocate and who are new to canada..
I am curois to know as to what you are doing now in canada.. are u working?? did u r candian dream come true???