Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November happenings...........

We are now in the month of November, and the only news still seems to be H1N1 and who is eligible for the flu shot and who isn't.

This last week, announcements were made as to who were in the priority group (pregnant women, children below the age of five, people with respitory problems,health care workers etc) and therefore eligible to get the H1N1 vaccine first. People stood in lines from early morning and finally one van distributing the vaccines made its way to the various centers, delivering one batch only by 11am. One father said he had been waiting there since 5am with his little boy!! They got the 'van' problem sorted out, saying that the company hired to distribute the vaccines used only one van instead of more. Is this a joke??

Then the shortage happens, and many people from the priority group are still waiting for their vaccine. In the mean time, it is announced that star athletes and children in private schools ( and some businesses ) managed to get the vaccine......and no one knows how they cut the line, but they did.

So this week.....they have layed down the law. No matter who you have to wait for the vaccine if you are not in the priority group. Glad they got that sorted out.

Halloween is over..and was fun for the kids as usual. Going house to house dressed up in fun costumes and getting a years supply of candy and chips from strangers?? What could be more fun than that? Christmas!! Yes....Xmas decor is all over the decks, halls and stores..........enticing you to buy your Christmas present NOW before they run out of stock!! Hurry...I think they only have 249,503,394 Wii's left!

Like the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi for huge exhibitions and trade shows, in the GTA area the place to go to is the International Center, Toronto. Tomorrow the Graphics Canada show is starting and should be fun to visit. They also have on going sales there of designer brands, like Locoste, Crocs (did you know that the original Crocs are made in Canada??) and Arrow.

Was a little busy the last couple of weeks and will post more pictures and happenings soon.
Is there anything in particular you would like to know about Canada? Let me know!!

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