Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update on our dvd player of Feb 14th

If you go back to my post of Feb'll understand this better........but basically our Samsung dvd player stopped working after just six months!

After Best Buy, where we bought it from, told us that we would have to send the player to Samsung by UPS (which Samsung paid for) we did just that. Three months we waited for no news........and then you will never guess what happened!!

We got a knock on our door, and when I opened it.......there was a UPS guy there with a HUGE box. I first thought he's come to the wrong house or it was some equipment we ordered for our business that we forgot about.

The 'box' turned out to be a brand new Home Theatre system from Samsung as they could not repair our dvd player!! So now we have one working dvd player and TWO sets of home theatre system speakers!


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