Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

What is Halloween? This is the day your child will want to walk on and on and on, and not once say, 'I'm feeling tired, let's go home'.

What can I was an evening of fun watching all the kids (and some teens and adults too) dress up in all kinds of different costumes, knocking on strangers doors and getting bag fulls of treats!

This is a day when most people, whether they have kids or not, will sit by their door with a bowl of candy, appreciating all the different costumes and maybe even saying hi to a neighbour for the first time.

Around six in the evening, both my kids put on their costumes and got ready with their treat bags. My son was Harry Potter and my daughter was Hannah Montana. Yes, blonde wig and everything!

We, yes, me too.........set out and started on one end of our street and made our way all the way around to the other side and back home. Parents follow their children around to make sure they don't get into any trouble. Some children are also too small to go alone and are too shy to knock on doors. I also saw some who were the opposite of shy, demanding more than what they got!

We got back home, emptied the bags and then went around to the street behind our house, as some of my sons friends lived there. By the time we went around two more blocks of houses, some of them decorated like the scene from a scary movie with sound effects and everything, it started to get too dark and we went back home. We had kids knocking on our door too and at around nine we put our porch and front hall lights off so that no one would come after that.

After dumping all the candy, lollipops, chocolate, chips and drinks on the floor, both my kids took stock of their 'loot' and seperated them into different piles according to whether they liked the treat or not. One lady gave them cans of baked beans (yes I checked the expiry dates) and another lady gave them cans of Coke. So, some people give away strange things too.........

With enough chips to last a month of school snack time, my kids put their costumes away and agreed on one thing.........Halloween rocked!

Tomorrow we put away all our Halloween decorations..........and get ready for the next merchandising event.........Christmas!!


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Al said...

Baked beans! That's a new one but at least it's the right colour for Halloween. Pumpkin orange, lol.

Glad you all had fun.